Let Your Voice Sing

Then Watch Your Voice Dance


2020 - 2021

"…Robyn of a thousand transformations
and a heart of gold running thru them all…"
Paul Newham
Founder of Voice Movement Therapy

What is VoiceDance®?

It's a little bit like tapping your head while you rub your stomach, but a whole lot less complicated and a lot more fun. Like peanut butter and jelly, coffee and cream, or lettuce and tomato, vocalization and movement just naturally go together. Singing and Dancing! Who would have thought?!! There's a natural, implied symbiosis between the two, an organic ebb and flow.

The VoiceDance® workshop series first lays down the basic elements, introducing you to a system of integrated body and vocal techniques developed in England by Paul Newham and Voice Movement Therapy. Inviting you to discover and explore a range of movement and sound that stretches your imagination while challenging your inhibitions, you have the opportunity to explore the parameters of your vocal/movement range and gain a sense of ease and familiarity with this form of expression. From there we move into story, utilizing vocal expression with or without words. Movement organically and simultaneously arises and evolves as a reflection and expression of the story being communicated. One gets more and more comfortable as we go, 'til a genuine "voice dance" emerges, a spontaneous "dance of the voice" and "voice of the dance" all rolled into one.

The mind/body/emotion/soul connection! A cathartic release? A creative interpretation? A clarion wake-up call from Universal Spirit? Who really knows? Perhaps it's a braiding of all three. Often surfacing hidden aspects of the personality, this work can reveal parts of ourselves unknown or long forgotten. Like a wave upon which emotions rise and fall, the voice invites and allows one to explore their own depths and discover their own truths. You can "find yourself" singing, find your voice and find your voice!

Due to current Covid-19 limitations of in-person workshops - particularly with singing and partner work - alternative VoiceDance® "ZOOM" gatherings are being arranged for groups of 8 persons at a time. Email or call for scheduling and prices.

Robyn Koondel


(602) 405-8874

I want to sing like birds sing, not worrying who hears or what they think. -Rumi